Access control & videophony

Greater safety and comfort even before you enter!

A few possible situations that happen to everyone sooner or later...


You're home alone and the doorbell rings...

Eternal dillema, are you going to open the door or pretend nobody heard the bell?

The solution!
Work at home

Construction works at home

The installer will give you a key so that he can carry out the work when you're not at home. And when will you get the key back? What if the installer loses the key?

The solution!
VDP - Bezoek zonder thuis te zijn

I was at your place yesterday and you weren't there.

And then the question, when did the doorbell ring? And who came to my door?

The solution!

Which key for which door?

A different key for every door, gate...pfff... You can equip every door with the same cylinder profile. But after a while, who still has a key?

The solution!
Pakje geleverd aan voordeur

You're not at home and waiting for a parcel.

The parcel service rings the doorbell and leaves immediately if there's no answer.

When you get home, you'll find a note saying that your delivery will be offered again tomorrow... and you need it tonight.

The solution!
Kinderen komen thuis

The children are the first home from school. Oops, they can't find the key!

Quickly call a hotline to pick up your kids and then... now what? Does the person who found it know it's your house key?

The solution!