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AnB-Rimex solutions designed by you, manufactured by us.
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Team AnB

Why do installers prefer AnB-Rimex?

  1. The market is qualitative: installation only by authorized installers.
  2. We are manufacturers and provide our own after-sales support.
  3. Quick and safe intervention: we manufacture and guarantee an in-house stock.
  4. Your contact will always be the same: we're a 20-strong SME.
  5. All our products are backward-compatible: you build long-term customer loyalty.
  6. The installation can be upgraded according to the user's needs and budget.
  7. Each new product is accompanied by personalized training.
  8. Our products are reliable and robust, so your customers will be satisfied.
  9. Designed and manufactured in Belgium, but stronger than chocolate.
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What's in it for the customer?

  1. Reliability and robustness.
  2. All our products are backward-compatible: this means that our solutions can be retrofitted at any time.
  3. Parts are always in stock in Belgium, so your interventions will be faster.
  4. Simple management of the entire building via smartphone application.
  5. Remote intervention by the installer via the application suite.
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