When your videophone becomes intelligent...
Voordeur modulaire vdp

The solution! An intelligent videophone!

With a videophone, you can see who rang the doorbell!

  • With an intelligent videophone and the app on your smartphone, you can answer the call and have the package delivered to the neighbors. If you've made the videophone even more intelligent by connecting the garage door opener and additional cameras, you can even have the package dropped off in your garage without being at home!

With an intelligent videophone, you can see who rang the doorbell when you weren't home. This way, you know before you hear the comment that someone has rung the doorbell. For example, you can call the missed visitor first to find out the reason for their visit.

Not just any videophone...

AnB-Rimex introduces an intelligent, integrated total solution that monitors your front door and property day and night...

With the option of integrating multiple cameras on the indoor station of your videophone, you'll be even more reassured when someone rings the doorbell.

Via the app, linked to your videophone, you can see who's ringing the doorbell and, if necessary, open a door or gate, even when you're not at home. This way, you'll never miss a visitor!


Tastes and colors ...

There's no accounting for taste!

That's why we offer a range of outdoor stations.

  • In white or black
  • In-wall or surface-mounted
  • All-in-one or modular
  • Single-button or multi-button
  • With or without access control via badge reader, keypad, etc.

And of course, indoor stations are also available

  • In white or black
  • 7" or 10" displays
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For all buildings

You need a videophone for your home, your business, your office, your apartment, ... You name it.

There's a solution for every project.

This applies to both new buildings and renovations.

Our professional installation partners will be delighted to help you develop your project.

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