CCTV Camera systems

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Camera TiOC

A camera, an ideal solution to monitor your safety.

  • From black-and-white to color images, even in poor lighting conditions
  • From a simple image of what's happening to an image based on what you want to know
  • From continuous recording to recording with artificial intelligence
  • From hours of image searching to searching based on selective data
  • From a camera system to a total integrated solution

To serve you better and increase your sense of security, we offer a range of system integrations

Cameras can be integrated in a number of areas, including

  • Integration into alarm systems for video detection and verification
  • Integration with access control through facial recognition
  • Integration into fire detection thanks to temperature detection with thermal cameras
  • Integration into industrial processes
  • ...

If you would like to know more, please contact an installer.

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TiOC Triangle FR

Discover how cameras are integrated to give you an even more effective alarm system.

Integrating cameras into the Tricom alarm panel involves several elements:

  • Camera images are linked to a TriCom event. Multiple camera recordings can be linked to this event, and you'll receive an email with camera images to verify the event.
  • Artificial intelligence of the camera such as tripwire, intrusion zone with Smart Motion Detection that selects on people and/or vehicles is used to generate an alarm in case of unwanted visitors.
  • The TiOC's controllable flash and loudspeaker, among others, can be controlled by the TriCom and, for example, follow the siren or flash control.
  • ANPR cameras, i.e. cameras with license plate recognition, can be used to control access to a visitor, depending on the status of the TriCom alarm system.
  • ...

Interested in integrating this with you? Contact your local installer.

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The world of cameras, where technical abbreviations swirl around your head

The possibilities offered by cameras are increasing, thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies in the world of electronics.

As a result, abbreviations are increasingly used.

Eventually, it becomes difficult to distinguish the forest from the trees. Good support for your project is therefore essential.

A professional at your side is the only guarantee of a solution that meets your needs.

Do you have a project in mind? Call on our professionals!

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Camera - Specs

Some clarified options

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Smart Motion Detection (SMD), detects only people and/or vehicles

With Smart Motion Detection (SMD), only people and/or vehicles can be recorded by the camera.

Full Color Cube
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Full Color, discover colors in all their splendor

You can see more in a color image than in a black-and-white one. And with the latest cameras, this can be done with a minimum of light.

Eureka thermal 2
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Sometimes there's no light, and yet we want to see what's going on...

Sometimes there's no light at all, or we want more than we can see with the naked eye, then the thermal camera is the solution.