Access control

Access control means: who has access, where and when?

From simple access to multi-site projects with numerous access points, there's a solution for everything. AnB-Rimex's certified installer will help you make the right choices for your project.


Never forget your key again!

  • Open the door or garage door with a keypad to replace the key, making it easy to use.
  • Using a badge as a key increases security. The code won't become an open secret, and if the badge is lost, it can simply be deleted. So it is not necessary to replace the cylinder or let everyone know the new code.
  • A system with an app and Bluetooth® integration? Here, your mobile becomes your key. Because who doesn't always have their cell phone with them?
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And a few more...

  • You wish to grant access to your neighbor during your vacation
  • You wish to grant access to a contractor during construction work
  • You wish to grant access to a supplier to the supply of materials

With a key, you have to make an appointment where the key is and hope that it won't be lost or used by someone else with less good intentions.

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Bluetooth Lezer 2

And how about integration?

  • when you can open the door with your badge, only if your alarm system has been deactivated
  • When you want to determine who has accesswhen and to whichdoor, taking into account whether or not the alarm system is active in that partition.
  • When you want to know who has opened a door, where and when
  • When you want to control the lighting when someone presents their badge
  • When you want a camera image of the person entering
  • When you want to remotely manage your alarm, lighting, cameras and doors

Then the solution is integration into the TriCom alarm system!

Ask your installer for a detailed proposal and get ready for the future!

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