Fire detection

Be alerted before it's too late...
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Firedetector livingroom
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Protect your loved ones!

No one expects it, but it always happens to someone.

Because of an unfortunate coincidence,

  • a short circuit in a device
  • a defect in a battery charger
  • an overheated towel
  • a gas leak
  • ...
  • or an accident

a fire breaks out. You read about it in the paper every week. To protect our loved ones, we'd better be well armed against such adversity.

To achieve this, fire detection is essential in every building.

Equip your building with quality fire detectors and let a professional installer advise you!

Home security options

You can use standalonedetectors.

  • Please note that it complies with NBN EN14604.
  • Regularly test the battery and operation of installed detectors

One disadvantage of these detectors is that the built-in siren is not always audible everywhere.

You can integrate fire detectors into your intrusion system.

  • Your installer will then make a proposal in which the right type of detector is placed in the right place.
  • As soon as they are detecting, the sirens are activated. This way, everyone in the building is warned, and everyone can be brought to safety as quickly as possible.
  • As the owner, you can also receive a notification on your cell phone and, if you're not at home, take the necessary steps to avoid the worst.
  • What's more, you can report it to a central monitoring station, which is then responsible for ensuring that the received alarm is handled correctly. In this way, the fire department can be alerted as quickly as possible, and damage can be kept to a minimum.
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Studie plans
Small building under construction

Offices, professional buildings, apartments, etc.

In most cases, a study and a report are made for this type of building by the local fire departement.

Reference will be made to standards applicable in Belgium, such as NBN S21-100.

The professional installer is your partner for project planning, installation and maintenance.

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