Autonomy and peace of mind for the whole family
TriCare - Mammie

Ensure your peace of mind

For AnB-Rimex, security means more than just protecting your home. It also means personal and family protection, and peace of mind for everyone.

We all want to live independently in our own homes for as long as possible. At some point, however, we become more vulnerable, and supervision by a caregiver or family member becomes desirable. Difficult choices have to be made, often resulting in the end of independence.

Automatic messages in case of deviation for total peace of mind

TriCare consists of a set of sensors that record a person's movements 24 hours a day.

These sensors are connected to a panel which uses advanced technology to record and recognize habits.

For each deviation, information is sent to one or more contacts.


Worry-free home living

TriCare makes it possible to take on a significant part of the monitoring without the resident losing his or her autonomy.

Thanks to built-in artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to recognize the daily rituals of a family member or loved one living alone, and automatically alert a caregiver or family member when an abnormal or unusual situation arises.

TriCare watches over your loved one as they continue to live alone in their own home, giving you peace of mind.

Examples of intelligent alerts


More than one hour in the living room between midnight and 6 a.m.

Short term

Presence in the bathroom at abnormal hours, at least 2 times a week

Long term

Deviance from habitual behavior (+- 20%)


Your home grows with you thanks to TriCom & TriCare

The TriCare solution can be connected directly to AnB-Rimex's TriCom modular security system.

With TriCom, you equip your home with a state-of-the-art security system, using high-performance detectors, video surveillance and home automation.

TriCom is available in wired and wireless versions. All components are fully compatible with existing Bibus or C2000 system modules, keypads, etc. When personal assistance or monitoring is required, it's easy to integrate the TriCare solution into the TriCom system. It's also easy to integrate an alert transmitter or remote control for emergency assistance (e.g. falls, etc.).

With TriCom, your home is fully prepared for the future.

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