Alarm systems

A reliable alarm system for every day

A powerful panel with state-of-the-art technology!

With TriCom, AnB-Rimex launches a new standard for alarm systems.

Starting with a basic alarm system, the latest technologies are integrated to create a complete solution for your home or office.

In fact, it's based on the integration of

  • various intrusion technologies, wired and wireless
  • video surveillance, integrating the artificial intelligence of cameras
  • home automation, from MiniDo to KNX, JeeDom, ...
  • access control, managing who, where and when has access to your property
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Communication is key!

Thanks to the on-board IP connectivity and the encrypted communication to the cloud, your installation will be available at all times, thanks to the new EXTENSIO and/or Home Anywhere applications.

When an event occurs, TriCom alerts you directly in a variety of ways, either by

  • a call to a dispatching operator
  • an email
  • notifications
  • videos
  • SMS
  • a voice message
  • ...
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Camera AI integration, it's good for ...

By integrating a camera system into the TriCom, many things suddenly become possible.

  • Cameras are an integral part of your alarm system!

Video verification is possible via the integration and, in addition to the other possible notifications (push, SMS, etc.), you'll receive an email with a 10-second video at the time of intrusion to remove any doubt!

  • Your video surveillance system is made up of cameras with built-in AI that generate an alarm as soon as an intrusion is detected.

Thanks to this integration, this alarm is treated by the TriCom as an alarm signal, and the actions provided for in your TriCom are carried out, such as sending push notifications, SMS, voice messages, etc.

  • Your intelligent cameras are equipped with a flash and a loudspeaker.

Thanks to this integration, these can be controlled by the TriCom, even when an intrusion is detected by a motion detector or magnetic contact.

A positive evolution of AI!

Choosing the AnB solution is well worth the effort!

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