Integration of cameras with artificial intelligence in TriCom

Integrating camera intelligence into a security system is an important step in taking security to the next level, and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence.

As is usually the case at AnB-Rimex, this is taken into account in the further development of our security system.

The integration of a camera system not only enables video verification to remove any doubt, but the cameras' artificial intelligence is also integrated to detect and discourage unwanted visitors from attempting a burglary.

This detection is managed by the TriCom so that the security system functions as you, the end customer, would expect it to.

However, you also need to take into account the ethical and legal aspects that this technology involves, such as privacy, accountability, transparency, etc.

For the right solution, call on a certified installer, who will accompany you with advice and assistance to ensure that your project achieves a perfect result.

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