The new standard for electrical installations!

MiniDo vs. traditional

Discover the advantages of scalable cabling of an AnB-Rimex system.

Bus wiring makes your electrical installation flexible and future-proof.

The backwards compatibility of AnB products allows you to look to the future with confidence. Your system can evolve according to your needs and future technologies, without the need to replace the entire installation.

AnB R&D continues to expand the system to meet as many of your needs as possible and make your house a practical and pleasant home.

Would you like more?

  • Do you want more opportunities?
  • group orders
  • temperature management
  • the atmospheres
  • ordering via your smartphone
  • ....

Then the solution is at your fingertips!

Thanks to IoT-Eco, all this is possible.

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Would you like to go even further?

  • Suddenly when you leave the house?
  • A group extinction when you go to bed?
  • Light up the driveway when the gate opens?
  • Automatically raise your thermostat when you enter your home?
  • Turn on the light by motion detection?
  • ...

Then there is the link to the TriCom. The AnB intrusion detection center!

By connecting your MiniDo system to TriCom, our flagship product, actions around the home can be automated based on the status of your alarm system.

Of course, the Tricom is integrated into the same application. This gives you the comfort of being able to control your alarm, lighting and shutters via a single application, EXTENSIO.

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